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Tha human finger in the fast-food chili-Truth!

So - it is true!

Tha human finger in the fast-food chili-Truth!: "A forwarded email alleged to include an Associated Press story of a women who bit into what turned out to be a human finger at a Wendy's fast food restaurant in San Jose, California."

Jay Brewer - 4/07/2005 03:08:00 PM | Permalink|

That is bull crap and you know it. She is just trying to get easy money from a lawsuit. How the hell would a finger get in her chili, and wouldnt it be broiled? and wouldn't the person who lost it report that? Besides, they checked all employees in the area and no one lost a finger so how do you explain that. Also, shes already tried to sue many restaurants in the past so you know this is another scam.
This is a woman known for making money out of false lawsuits. How a finger could get into a bowl of chili is beyond my imagination. This woman has been known for trying to make money for many years now by false accusations and I hope authorities put an end to it right away. She should pay for the loss suffered by Wendy's and I hope the others whom she has filed lawsuits against also come after her. Woman, beware. No more false complaints.
It is clear that this is a scam. What is interesting is where and the world did she get a finger? Did any one think it wierd that she was missing a finger? It's not like you can buy one...
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