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OhGizmo! Pizza Cones in a cone? Yum.
OhGizmo! Pizza Cones: "I keep telling people that there's more to food than the way it tastes. I just can't enjoy a burger (no matter how delicious) that falls apart in my hands. I guess maybe I'm funny that way. Am I alone? Anyway, that's why I think the pizza cone is the best thing since sliced bread..."

Jay Brewer - 8/12/2005 10:01:00 AM | Permalink|

Pizza in a cone shape? I dont know how I feel about that. :) I found this article on how McDonalds enhances travel and cultural experiences:
I think youd appreciate what it says. Its very entertaining!! Actually, that site is looking for authors to post articles. You could get paid, too. Check it out. It seems you have interesting foods to report!!
Pizza cones are already available and spreading fast all over Europe and the Middle East and even New Zealand, through a pizza chain called Kono Pizza. In the not to far future, hopefully, pizza cones will be as readily available as burgers all over the US. Yours Truly, Todd Kono
I'd like to share some information about expanding a cone pizza concept around the globe. Does it mean that pizza in a cone becomes as popular as a hamburger?..

Here is the examples:
Russia: or
Korea: www.с
Italy, number of countries in EU, New Zealand, Arabian Emirates, Russia, Japan:
India: (pizza-Conizza)
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