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Real Restaurants Go to College

Real Restaurants Go to College: "To the college dining staples of Salisbury steak and shepherd's pie, students at George Mason University can now add a $16.99 rack of barbecue ribs, an $18.99 filet mignon and soon, if they are of age, a shot of tequila or a vodka martini, and charge it all to their college meal cards.When a branch of Damon's Grill opened at the Fairfax City campus Oct. 3, it was more than a response to student requests for more dining options. It launched the chain and George Mason food contractor Sodexho USA into an experiment at moving college dining a step upscale, adding a full-service restaurant with a bar to the fast food franchises and burger joints that are standard on college campuses."

Jay Brewer - 10/17/2005 09:21:00 AM | Permalink|

At the Damon's at GMU, the students cannot use their meal plans to buy alcohol, plus the Damon's is not even allowed to serve alcohol yet
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