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Hungry Jack's vs. Burger King

Looks just like Burger King to me? Hmmm...

Photo of the Hungry Jack's in Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia. As tourist, it was eating in this snack bar that discovered that, in Australia, the Burger King has this façade and this name - they do not only ask to me for what!. The cardápio and taste of sandwiches are igualzinhos. Ah, and for who it does not know, São Paulo now has some branch offices of the Burger King, with the first one having been opened back in the Shopping Ibirapuera. I want!

Jay Brewer - 10/08/2006 08:29:00 AM | Permalink|

It is owned by Burger King. I think us Aussies just don't want to seem so American. Ha!
Jeepers there are some uneducated souls out there who love America so much they're similar to a one-eyed football supporter. If you're going to shoot your mouth off like that in a public forum, i'd strongly suggest that get your facts straight before making them. Start with the basics on Wikipedia and work from there.

For those who'd like a basic summary of the BJ/HJ's story, here it is:

Hungry Jacks (HJ's) is owned and operated by Competitive Foods Australia Pty Ltd under a master franchise arrangement with the Burger King Corporation of the United States (BK). When BK attemted to expand into the Australian market in the late 60's they found their name was already owned and trademarked in the country by Canadian native Jack Cowin. After selecting a list of possible names from pre-existing BK and Pilsbury trademarks, HJ's was born and Cowin opened the first franchise as part of the Australian master franchise agreement in 1971. The rest is in the Wikipedia article.
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