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McDonald's McPork (Japan Only)

Last weekend I happened by a McDonald's in Tokyo's hip (read "bizzare and tacky") Shibuya city and saw a large sign for a new pork-based sandwich offering. Immediately overcome by nostalgia for the delightful McRib, I rushed in to give it a try. BIG. MISTAKE. The sandwich is made from 100% US Pork (yum) and is part of the chain's 100 yen menu (about 88 cents at the time of writing) - which sounds good and cheap - but that's where the positives end. The sandwich is composed of a totally plain (unspiced) pork patty, a sort of pepper-ginger-soy-vinaigrette, disturbingly hot lettuce, and McD-standard onion bits, all ensconced within the standard hamburger bun.

[From Phoood: McDonald's McPork (Japan Only)]

Jay Brewer - 11/26/2007 08:51:00 AM | Permalink|

Funny you mention this. I watched that MSNBC doc about the Golden Arches last night and in it they were in the test kitchen working on this very product. The execs and chefs crowded around the table all raved about the great taste and what kick it had...!
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