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McDonald's Forgets The Burger Part Of Your Cheeseburger Sometimes


Oops. Where's the beef?

We know everyone makes mistakes, but this is just sad. Reader Jarrett lives out in the country, so it was pretty disappointing for him when he took a bite into his cheeseburger... only to find that there was no "burger" part of the sandwich.
A special thanks to Jenna for sending this in.

Via Unacceptable Food


Jay Brewer - 10/22/2008 09:01:00 AM | Permalink|

When my girlfriends kids were little they didn't like beef so she would order a cheeseburger with no meat. Her girls loved it. Makes sense it's a souped up cheese sandwich which most kids like.
MY wife is a vegetarian and this is her go-to when we eat at McDonalds. Every now and then they get her order wrong and lay the meat on, at these times she always worries that her meatless burger went to some poor schmuck who ordered a regular burger...oh well.
That happened to me at Wendys once, and when I complained they acted like the whole thing was somehow my fault.
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