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McDonalds - Artisan Grilled Chicken

Starting this week, Artisan Grilled Chicken will begin rolling out across all McDonald’s U.S. restaurants replacing all grilled chicken entrees including Grilled Chicken Deluxe Sandwiches, Premium McWraps, Snack Wraps and Premium Salads.

 The new Artisan Grilled Chicken filet is prepared with quality ingredients customers recognize from their own kitchens, like parsley, garlic and salt. The full list of ingredients can be found here.
  • Each Artisan Grilled Chicken filet is: 
  • 100% real chicken breast 
  • Free of artificial flavors, added colors or preservatives 
  • Seasoned with pantry spices and herbs like parsley, salt and onion powder 
  • Cooked in McDonald’s kitchens using a canola and olive oil blend 
  • Seared on the grill to lock in flavor and juices 
Compared to the previous grilled chicken recipe, the new Artisan Grilled Chicken filet has fewer ingredients and no longer includes sodium phosphates, a type of salt that helps retain moisture.

Update: We just had one of these at our local McDonald's in Newton, MA. The entire sandwich was pretty tasty, and the flavoring on the chicken was quite good. The bun is a standout - it's buttery and very fresh. Awesome work McDonald's! We want to acknowledge that McDonald's sent us coupons to use so we could taste this new creation.

At McDonalds - Artisan Grilled Chicken

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