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Watch Out America, McDonald's Japan Is Releasing a 48-Piece McNugget Meal

Watch Out America, McDonald's Japan Is Releasing a 48-Piece McNugget Meal: While in the U.S., you can order a 40-piece Chicken McNugget meal, which is kind of amazing in itself, in Japan, the most you can get is a 15-piece set. This isn’t the biggest McNuggets meal the fastfood chain has offered: limited-time only 50-piece McNugget meals have been offered during the Super Bowl.

Likewise, the offer is for a limited time only. It’s available only in Niigata Prefecture and part of a promotional tie-up with the the newly launched pop group NGT48, the Niigata-based spin-off of the massively popular idol unit AKB48. The groups tend to have around 48 members (sometimes more, sometimes less), divided up into different teams. That’s a lot of idols. That’s okay, this is a lot of nuggets. Forty-eight nuggets is surely a whole chicken, no? Fifty has to be.

So, what’s up with all these McNuggets? As Naver explains, when NGT48 was first announced earlier this year, people online in Japan kept calling the group “Nugget 48.” So now the group, I guess, has already reached it final form with these nuggets? Let’s hope not!

Yahoo! News Japan reports that the 48-piece set goes on sale in Niigata on December for 1,800 yen (US$14.69). Buckets are limited and this is a whole bunch of chicken, so bring a friend! Or, hell, forty-seven.

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